Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update from Chicago

Can you believe we've been here over a month already?? Craziness! We are happy to report that we are settling in very well. I have been enjoying school a lot (except for Biostats of course - boo) and Gregg just got a JOB! Whoo hoo!! He starts at Boeing this Friday and although I am very sad to be losing my live-in shopper/cleaner/cooker, Gregg is pretty excited to be getting out of the house on a regular basis :)

One of the most essential parts of us feeling settled here was finding our awesome apartment. The area we live in has a great neighborhoody feel, is close to lots of restaurants and public transport, and has a ton of spanish speakers that we are hoping to meet very soon. Our actual apartment is very unique in that it has a lofty feel and NO doors! Well...except on the bathroom :) We really like the layout though and it already feels like home! The day we actually moved was literally the hottest we've had since we got here. Thankfully we have the most AMAZING friends - Tim and Ashley Van Oss - who are total rockstars and helped us move everything up three flights of stairs in just a few hours. Amazing!

Well, since I am a lowly student now I'd better get back to doing Biostats homework. But I will leave you with some pictures of our new life and new pad...

Tim got a little sweaty helping us move :)

We're hot...literally


Gregg looking hot in his new suit

Our office area

Opposite view of the office

View of the living room from the office

From the living room to the rest of the apt

My favorite spot! You can just see a beautiful catholic church
in the background

Thankfully the bathroom has a door

Our 'bedroom' - more like 'bednook' 

One of the biggest kitchens we saw while apt hunting!

So thats that...our new life! Come back soon for some pictures of the newest members of our little family!


  1. Cool pics! Looks like a very cozy apartment. New members of family? Puppies? Babies?

    We miss you guys! Congrats Gregg on the new job!

  2. What a great place! While I was looking at your pictures, I was thinking "man, they are for real adults!" and "yay quilt!" :)

    Puppies and babies is exactly what I thought, too.

  3. that quilt is so awesome, i had forgotten about it and then i pulled it out was so happy (i used/use it almost every morning while i'm reading). it's still one of the coolest things we own!

    - Gregg

  4. hmmm puppies or babies...which is it?! hehe miss you ladies!

  5. The new place looks fantastic! and so cozy already! well done guys