Prayers and Praises

Prayer Requests:
The apartment search is underway! We are finding that most of the apts in Antigua proper are pretty expensive however so we may need to live slightly out of the main city. The only downside is that walking to and from 'downtown' Antigua isn't incredibly safe after dark and taking a 'tuk tuk' or taxi every time would definitely add up. 

Kelley is still plugging away on her school applications. The first deadline is Dec 1 so if you could pray that she gets everything done well ahead of time and doesn't lose her mind in the process

As Gregg said in the last blog post, Kelley also sent an application to work at Common Hope. Please pray that this is a good fit and that she will be able to make a difference there. Gregg is still wanting a bit more Spanish before he starts volunteering but he will probably start looking for an organization within the next few weeks/months 

Spanish school is going great and we are really starting to see improvement

We have met some really great people and are excited to start building more community! 

Updated November 7, 2010

Prayer Requests:
That all our plans would come together smoothly and we wouldn’t forget to turn off the lights when we leave

Safety while we travel and in day to day life

Quick learning of Spanish. We will need to be very disciplined to speak Spanish more than English with each other and other non-Guatemalans we meet in Antigua. Also patience for Gregg especially since he will be starting from basically the beginning.

Guidance for where to stay after our first month. We are planning on renting a furnished apartment but aren’t sure what exactly that entails.

Guidance for whether we should stay in Antigua or move to a less-touristy city

Kelley’s applications for Masters in Public Health programs. Applying to college again is not exactly the most enjoyable process in the world and trying to do it while we are getting ready to go is proving to be a challenge.

Place to stay for the first month!
Place to store all our junk! (thanks Sarah!)

updated August 29, 2010