Monday, July 11, 2011

You say Adios...

Today was our last day in the village, and boy was it sad. But amid the sadness there was also a lot of joy and Gregg and I are feeling so so loved. The local teachers that tutor our 1-6th grade students had a party for us, the junior high students performed a dance, all the workers went around and said amazing words of encouragement, we were prayed for, and we were given some beautiful gifts of remembrance. 
Since deciding to serve in Yalu, our goal has been to be a blessing in whatever way we could and although we were blessed far more by those we worked with in the village, it was very encouraging to hear that we were also a blessing to them. One of our worker's husbands told me, "God once told me that I would be able to see His work and sense His presence in the people that He brings into my life. Well I saw God's work and sensed Him in you and Gregg." Amen! 
Since today was so special to us, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
Gregg and his boys

Being prayed for by our amazing tutors and 

Playing a crazy game of putting jello in the others
person's mouth

Amazing cake decorated by Barb and an awesome
book of letters, drawings, and other memories

Gregg dancing with our tutor group

Doctor Efrain saying a few words of thanks

Gregg and I trying to thank everyone through our tears

the amazing Chiquito family

Awesome teachers

We will miss everyone so much!
The phrase of the day was - 'No es adios, sino hasta luego' = 'It is not goodbye but see you later' and that could not be more true for Gregg and I. We have Guatemala deep in our hearts now and there is no way we will be able to stay away for too long. And so, in the words of Doctor Efrain, God bless and hasta la vista baby!

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